Namibia 4WD Dune Special

Explore the Skeleton Coast

Für Wen? 

Selfdrive your fully prepared 4WD (Landcruiser Explorer) - Arrive & Drive - Max 3 persons per vehicle - Driver(s) minimum 30 years of age- no prior experience needed, follow instructions and use common sense - led by professional guide in guide vehicle 

Was ist zu erwarten? 

Driving through the magnificent dunes of the Skeleton Coast is an unforgetable experience. Your guide is one of the very few that owns a government permit ('concession') to take you through this unspoiled and adventurous part of Namibia. Maximum 12 vehicles per convoy. Driving through sand dunes is dangerous when not done properly - obey instructions at all times. Your Guide will prerare you dinner at a camp fire alongside the ocean. One day of shore fishing included. Outdoor lovers : doesn't get much better that this ...   

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Namibia 4WD Dune Special

10 Tage - 9 Nächte
1.700 km - 1.063 mi
mit Mietwagen
4WD Dune Safari Vehicles
led by experienced local guide
Comfortable Tents & small Guesthouses
2.000 €/Prs